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Type 1 Audio
Transcription Rates:


(5-7 Business Days)


Single person or standard one
on one interview with good
audio recorded in Digital (mp3), Standard Cassette, CD, or DVD formats.



Type 2 Audio
Transcription Rates:

Prices for Transcription Services Any audio with significant noise in the background.

Prices for Transcription Services Any audio that has voices that are difficult to understand (i.e. poor recording, soft voices, etc.)

Prices for Transcription ServicesLight to moderate accents.

Prices for Transcription Services Verbatim: All ums, ahs, stutters, transcribed.


(2-4 Business Days)$2.25/minute

My preferred payment option is by
Check.  PayPal is only offered if you have no other way to pay me...

Please See instructions below:

1) Check: Make checks payable to
Kathleen's Transcription Services and send to: P.O. Box 516, Jenison, MI 49429

2) PayPal:
As an "Only Option", you can
send payment to me by going to
  www.paypal.com. Click on Transfer and then Send Someone Money, using this email address: ksr@kathleens-transcription.com.

(Please note that there is a 2.9% charge from your total amount paid to me when your payment comes through, which is why I leave this as an "Only Option" way to pay for my services.)

Thank you!