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  • Kathleen's Christian Transcription Services is a great blessing to us in our ministry.  Every transcription she did for us was finished quickly, efficiently, and meticulously.  She is a dedicated, responsible professional with a heart for ministry.  We feel blessed to know her.  Thanks very much, Kathleen—you are so sweet to do things as quickly as you do.  I am so grateful to you for working with me on my deadlines.  :)  You are part of our team—we couldn’t have gotten so far so fast without you.   
    --Jill Martin Rische, Director; Walter Martin Ministries,
    San Juan Capistrano, CA
  • Kathleen, the transcription looks great!  Thank you so much.  Thanks for emailing the invoice.  That was perfect.   I've submitted a payment via PayPal.   I'll be sending you some CD's to transcribe very soon.  Again, thank you so much for your help.  God bless you, and we look forward to the next project! 
    --Tracy White, Spirit of Faith Family Church, Cedar Rapids, IO

  • Kathleen, Thank you for this vital ministry.  I am much obliged for your prompt faithful work and for all you do.  What a blessing to meet someone in the transcription biz that is empathetic with Biblical theology.  I am praying for your ministry to be blessed!  --Jim Krames, Editor; Eagle Point, OR

  • Kathleen, you are amazing! I haven't completed my review of the transcription, but what I read is fantastic! What an awesome gift you have. I'm so impressed by your work. I will definitely use your services again. You also have a beautiful spirit. I love it. I'm so glad the Spirit led me to you.  I pray a thousandfold for you and your business, (Deut. 1:11).  Much success! 
    --Tarsha L. Campbell, Orlando, FL

  • Good morning Kathleen, Awesome!! After I get this book published, I will send you some more to transcribe. I have told some of my Pastor friends about you and your awesome work. I want to just thank you from the bottom of my heart.
    I really appreciate you and your ministry. Blessings,
    --Kevin S. Rogers, Senior Pastor, City of Faith Christian Center, Lakeland, WA

  • I have several messages that I’ve ministered to the women of our church which I believe needs to be put in print. Hence, I’ve been surfing the net looking at options.  I read your testimony online and praise God for His faithfulness.
    Also, I've skimmed the transcription you recently did for me and I'm pleased with what I've seen.  My husband was also impressed by your speedy transcript of my CD series in the past and wants to have several of his transcribed as well.  Thank you for your diligence and completion of the 22-tape series.  Your expediency is appreciated!

    --Vanessa Anderson, Covenant Christian Ministries Academy, Marietta, GA


  • Thanks for your excellent work!

    --Rev. Bill Carter, First Presbyterian Church, Clarks Summit, PA